Sunday, August 4, 2019

Be The Seagull

If at first you don’t succeed…

- Racism!

- Misogyny!

- Homophobia!

- Islamophobia!

- Russia Russia Russia!

- Collusion!

- Obstruction!

- Racism!…

try, try, again. That’s the modus operandi and mantra of the Left. Anyone, anywhere, anyhow to achieve their objective. Maybe ‘white supremacist shooters’ will finally do the trick.

How do you spell ANTIFA?

Whatever they do the one thing we know is that it will be Trump’s fault. Because Orange Man Bad.

All I know for certain is that each of us has but a finite number of days on this earth and nobody knows for sure what that number is. It is wise to not squander any of them, which makes it a good day to shut off the TV, put your computer away and turn off your phone. Maybe go to the beach and jot down a few thoughts.

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Listen to the gulls,

listening back to you.

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The seagull is a pesky, noisy, resourceful bird. They can adapt to nearly any environment and are capable of unbelievably long flights of both fancy and survival.

Be the seagull today.

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