Sunday, August 25, 2019

“I’ll Take ‘Islands’ for $2 Billion, Alex”

I see that the Danish Prime Minister placed a call to President Trump shortly before he left for Europe, possibly in an effort to smooth over the kerfuffle she created by her rude response to the President’s off-handed comment about buying Greenland.

Image result for trump tweet tower won't do this to greenlandMy sister had a better idea: we trade the Danes Greenland for Puerto Rico. That way the Danes will have someplace warm to go in the winter when there’s only 6 hours of sunlight in Denmark and we’ll have someplace America’s Green New Deal crowd can go to observe the melting of glaciers. And they can stay there and help Greenlanders cope with the trauma of coming out from under the deep freeze.

90% of islanders interviewed fully accept that the climate crisis is happening, with a further 76% claiming to have personally experienced global heating in their daily lives…

I’m sure that is scary but I fail to see how “global heating” can be a bad thing in a cold, dark barren place like Greenland.

“The island faces some of the most acute social issues in the world with high levels of alcoholism and historically disproportionate rates of suicide.”

You sure wouldn’t want to disturb that delicate social order.

Anyway, I think this swap would make the Danes feel better as they’ve regretted selling us the then Danish West Indies islands for $25 million ever since they did so in 1917.  We certainly don’t want to give back the U.S. Virgin Islands, but I think Puerto Rico is a good substitute.

Denmark would get an island more suited to the EU as PR is already seriously inclined towards socialism and we get a place where the Destination America channel can start a new show: Buying Greenland.

Image result for greenlandQuaint 2-story for sale in historic fishing village with indoor plumbing. Lighting optional.

How is this anything but a win-win for everyone?

And just to sweeten the deal we’ll throw in Geraldo!

I swear, President Donald J. Trump really is some kind of Very Stable Genius.