Sunday, September 8, 2019

Actuarial Tables Determine the Demise of Old Fossil Fuel

And last week’s idiot award goes to that loveable old buffoon, Joey Biden, for giving a full guarantee that he would personally eliminate fossil fuels by 2050.

He’s just going to wave them away, like with a cloth or something.

And don’t write him and his crazy plan off; Joey may have started out as the Scarecrow,

but thanks to the Democrats’ seniority system, he has been promoted to full Wizard.

If Barack Hussein Obama taught us anything it is that we should believe them when they tell us what they intend to do. So if Joey says he’s going to eliminate fossil fuels by 2050, believe he will try - notwithstanding the fact that actuarial tables would have Joey becoming fossil fuel by 2050.

NOTE: I banned a commenter yesterday in haste, as I had a full day, was in a hurry and because it looked at first like a lot of spam that comes my way. And because I mistook the first few images that appeared as more anti-Christian propaganda.  I was completely wrong, completely misunderstood BabbaZ’s point and beg her and your forgiveness for my hasty conclusion. So sincere apologies BabbaZ, I am not an ogre, just a mere human prone to error. If you decide to come back I’m certain you will be welcomed by the MOTI community.