Thursday, September 12, 2019

Throwback Thursday: NotMySocks Edition

Pins reminded me that last year’s 9/11 post was the last time we heard from notmysocks who sadly passed the next day. So for this week’s Throwback Thursday, and in keeping with this week’s spirit of “never forget” I’m reposting the MOTUS Twilight Nocturn Lounge sendoff we held in Sock’s honor nearly a year ago. We miss you, dear friend, along with Bunni, GreetingsFromYonkers, and JanicetheElder – as well as many others who are MIA.

MOTUS-TNL jazz sign

The Lounge is now open

We’re gathered here this evening  to  provide our old friend, notmysocks, a proper MOTI sendoff to her just reward. So no tears tonight - just toasts and fond memories. The mic is open for anyone who wishes to share memories, reminisce or just say goodbye to Socks. As you know Socks was also known at various times, thanks to the vagaries of Disqus, as the lovely Della Street,

the mysterious Deehra:

7a088ed3b05ae91ae6a079cd6a81600b“Happiness is a mysterious thing, to be found somewhere between too little and too much.”

And also as Sophie, her beloved dog who proceeded her in death by just a few days, and finally by the moniker that we all decided was the best ever: notmysocks. Maybe we can talk Pins into retelling the story of where that handle came from, I think it was one of those old family catch phrases that linger long after people forget its origin.

So for Sock’s wake I baked some cupcakes,

sock cupcakesWarning: contains no food groups

and Robin dropped off dozens of cookies.

socks cookies2

I know Socks liked sweets because a few years ago she left this confession as to how she procured them when she was young:

“I used to buy crumb cakes at the corner deli and charge them to my mother..I ate the whole thing and never got caught. I was a bad assed 9 year old, and proud of it! Then again, maybe she knew and didn't care, and I wasted my own badassery...”

Is there anything worse than wasting all your badassery when you’re only 9? Lord knows you’re going to need it again some day.


So make yourselves comfy, order a drink if you’re so inclined, Little Mo is right there, behind the bar in his MAGA hat.

motus TNL MAGA-bar

Just nod, he knows what you want. Since Socks was originally from New York I’m making the Manhattan tonight’s official drink.


I thought it would be nice to pass on a short selection of comments Socks has dropped here over the years on various topics: they illustrate why she was so loved - she was just like us.

On Anger:

“My outrage has finally reached its' zenith, any more would kill off my soul, maybe forever. I don't know if there is a stage two of outrage, like other syndromes, my mine has segued into wishing for revenge. I sometimes wonder if I would give Chris Matthews CPR if he drowned right next to me.”

Holiday Traditions:

“My Irish immigrant relatives never saw corned beef in Ireland. They were mainly lamb and fish eaters.. We still have lamb stew for St Patrick's day dinner....or pizza and wings, if we are drinking...[[hides head in shame]]


“I once watched a You Tube with a cute and very patient Asian girl carving, sanding, and staining tongue depressors to create the look of wood floors in a little doll house...Consider yourself sane if you have never had that urge.”   

And this, on the dangers of sleep:

“Last night, I fell out of bed, in the middle of a dramatic dream, I clearly remember the dream today, It happened in Ancient Rome and I was racing down a street in a chariot, trying to outrun an enemy in a white and gold chariot, which finally sideswiped me. Then I woke up on the floor, between my white bedside table which holds a brass lamp, and my bed. In the past, I have dreamed I was lying in a lovely field of flowers, only to awaken and realize that a dried flower wreath which hung over the bed, had fallen on me.        

I take drugs at night, can you tell? I don't even know why I posted this, but whatever…Sleeping is dangerous sometimes, isn't it?”

I leave you with this recent comment that Socks addressed to Janice the Elder’s daughter who dropped by to say hello to the MOTI:

“In addition to her awesomeness, your mom was witty and droll, wonderful qualities in a forum like this.. Like everyone else here, I miss her very much...”

Who knew that less than a month later, we would be saying the same to Sock’s daughter? Life’s short my dear friends, don’t waste it matching socks.


Godspeed Socks, say hello to Janice the Elder for us and save us all a seat in your celestial corner. Until then…

So enjoy yourselves. Bartender on duty till 8:00 pm after which you’re on your own. Please behave, I don’t have any bouncers.

- Originally Posted September 21, 2018. Bartender is no longer on duty, but I did bake this cake for us to enjoy in celebration of Pbird’s birthday which unfortunately was yesterday when few of us felt like celebrating.

So get your party hats out and let ‘er rip. Thumbnail  (h/t Greenspots, also missed)

Happy birthday pbird! Hope this goes with your new chair.