Monday, September 9, 2019

Mirrorless Monday Inaugural

If you’ve ever heard of Mirrorless Monday (MM) it was probably in regards to Eating Disorders Awareness Week which I think is “celebrated” sometime in February. The movement was launched - where else? - on college campuses to remind people that “you are more than your physical appearance.”  I’m so old that I remember when you wouldn’t have been considered college material if you didn’t already know that and behave accordingly.

To mark yet another day of awareness, MM is marked by the covering of all public mirrors across campus with colored paper. This is then posted with a note explaining why you’re not allowed to peer at your image, and an encouragement to write a “positive” message on the paper covered mirror “if you agree with this message.”

Image result for mirrorless monday JADE

And let’s be clear, you WILL agree with this message. Or risk being ostracized by the college campus which has deemed it “important.”  My positive message would be “I guess it’s better than marching for open borders and the end of fossil fuels.”

Image result for mirrorless monday JADESomebody’s going to be sent to off-campus reeducation camp

It would make more sense to tell these people to stop taking and posting stupid selfies everywhere. Not only would they stop obsessing 24/7 over their looks but it might also save lives.

Related imageYes, we are morons, why do you ask?

Like everything else, there will always be a few deplorables who refuse to go along with the program.

They probably have jobs and have to get ready for work after gym class.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that there is a second kind of Mirrorless Monday: a weekly event celebrating photos taken with the new-ish mirrorless digital cameras. If you don’t know the difference between a regular mirrored and a mirrorless camera, here’s a primer. Essentially a mirrorless is a camera where the conventional viewfinder has been replaced with a digital image, like your phone camera. With very few exceptions both types are all digital (no film). And they are, of course, very expensive. So to promote their superiority and convince you that you need one there is a Mirrorless Monday event every week where photographers can post pictures they’ve taken with their expensive toys.

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This is from last week’s entries:

P1070117_01.jpgFrom Steve Gallimore with a Panasonic G3, Lomo T-43

I like it: the photo and also the concept. All Mondays are henceforth dubbed Mirrorless Monday here at MOTUS and will consist exclusively of photos which speak for themselves. The Republic will survive.