Saturday, November 23, 2019

This Week’s Multi-Culti Lesson

It seems the leader of Sweden’s liberal-conservative Moderate Party, Ulf Kristesson, has finally seen the light and acknowledged  that “long-standing uncontrolled immigration” has indeed “driven serious crime.”

h/t Bare Naked Islam

You might be asking yourself ‘what took him so long?’ but the answer is painfully obvious – the same thing that prevents our own country from building the wall and closing the border: liberalism and political correctness.

Sweden appears to finally be waking up to the insanity of it all, unlike Michael Bloomberg. The Democrat’s latest wannabe-come-lately has just apologized for the effective crime stopping ‘stop and search’ policy in place while he was mayor of New York. With absolutely no acknowledgment of it’s effectiveness, but such is the nature of pandering.

Which leads me to this week’s non-politically correct multi-culti lesson: Profiling Saves a Lot of Time.

Just ask Sweden if you don’t believe me.

A juxtaposition of figures from Statistics Sweden and legal information has yielded similar results for other common Muslim names as well

Profiling may likewise save lives but that’s something our betters seem less concerned with than pandering to the woke and the indoctrinated.