Friday, December 13, 2019

A Throwback Thursday and FLOTUS Friday Mashup

NOTICE #1: CONGRATULATIONS BORIS! Now get out there and MBSA (Make Britain Sovereign Again).

NOTICE #2: The Democrats have delayed their historic ‘peachmint vote until more Americans are awake and watching them on television (ha!) at 10:00 am.

NOTICE #3: This is your only warning: today’s post contains photo images of she who shall remain nameless but(t) we once referred to as Lady M. If your immune system is compromised or you otherwise are feeling queasy you should leave now.

The FLOTUS Friday theme is Candy Stripes:  Melania wore them for her annual Christmas visit to the Toys for Tots event on Monday. Red and White - very festive!

Sharing a few words: Melania also took to the stage to speak to the military personnel and their children at the base

Candy stripes, particularly at this time of year, can be very festive if you wear them right. If you don’t, they end up owning you. Allow me to illustrate.

Here we have a properly worn candy stripe:

Holiday spirit: Melania Trump attended the annual Toys for Tots event hosted by the Marine Corps Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in Washington, D.C. on Monday 

A simple white crew neck sweater accompanies a classic A-line skirt that is properly fitted and handsomely tailored with a crisp inverted front pleat sporting red buttons that coordinate with an understated slim red belt and matching boots. Sweet, but not too sweet.

And here we have an improperly worn candy stripe:


From a 2010 appearance at a Grocery Manufacturers Association Science Forum where Lady M was lecturing on the evils of selling junk food.

The first lady…incorporated a few of her favorite clothing features--in a sleeveless, striped, big-bowed pink blouse and fuschia (sic) pencil skirt.HuffPo

I think that statement sums it up pretty well. To showcase her famous “well-toned” guns MO chose an ill-fitting, candy striped, pussy bowed, deeply cut sleeveless blouse. She accompanied it with an equally ill-fitting pencil skirt that showcased her other most famous, uh, ass-et:

Like Melania’s, Lady M’s skirt also had an inverted pleat with buttons, but(t) in her inimitable fashion forward” style MO’s is backwards, uncentered and unbuttoned.

Because, you know, normal is boring:

Now mind you, the same media that mocked Melania’s White House decorations as “boring”

Image result for melania trump white house christmas 2019

…and her clothing as “weird”

are the same people who are still fawning over Michelle Obama’s inimitable style power:

Image result for michelle obama candy stripe blouseMO, in Vietnam with Julia Roberts earlier this month, is still a fashion icon to the media

And they found MO’s White House holiday decorations neither boring or weird – which I guess they aren’t if you like cheesy snow goons resting on a cloud of cotton batting while standing sentinel to Hillary’s official FLOTUS portrait.

Ho, Ho and Ho: Lady M’s White House decorations, 2016

And I seek your forgiveness in advance as this is totally catty and gratuitous - but how on earth did Hollywood ever convince us that Julia Roberts was beautiful?