Saturday, December 14, 2019

Boris Wins: HOW DARE HE!??

The Brits: they just copycat everything we do. First they elect a guy with goofy blonde hair who wants to make Britain sovereign again:

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Then the disloyal opposition rolls out their “resistance” - which looks a lot like the Trump resistance on the other side of the pond. All the usual suspects showed up to cry and howl at the full moon.

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Hundreds of protesters have descended on the capital in the wake of Boris Johnson's election victory. A heavy police presence was seen close to the Cenotaph in Whitehall, which was cordoned off as clashes broke out

Funny how Antifa always shows up for these “spontaneous” protests.

Police were swarmed with placard waving Antifa protesters who were upset at the result of Thursday's general election

Add homophobia and sexism to the charges of racism.

Protesters clashed with police in WhitehallAnti-Tory protesters marched on Whitehall last night, rejecting the result of the general election and chanting that Boris Johnson is “not my prime minister”.

Crowds gathered in London and Glasgow last night to express their anger at Mr. Johnson’s victory. How dare he? But that’s what the left does now when they lose, whine and plot revenge. It’s like a reality show.

The mob’s temper tantrum was accompanied by speakers calling Johnson a racist (for winning) and railing against his racism (again, for winning). As John Hinderaker cogently points out, for the left It’s Only Democracy If They Win. And when they don’t it’s always because of racism.

In Britain as in America, it is “racist” to disagree with a leftist, regardless of whether the subject at hand has anything to do with race.

I was going to ask “how long before the leftist Brits create a Baby Boris Balloon, but I see I’m already too late:

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They really are running on empty, but that doesn’t mean they’re harmless.