Thursday, December 12, 2019


Remember when CNN was pretty much ‘Peachmint’ 24/7? That all ended yesterday when the Republicans finally got up to bat. And yes CNN, people noticed:

After airing every last second of Democrats’ opening statements plus Democrat staffers talking to each other throughout six extremely boring impeachment hearings, CNN refused to air Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham’s opening statement in the hearing on the IG report today. Instead of informing viewers of the incredibly damning facts regarding the Obama-Biden FBI’s spying on the Trump Campaign in furtherance of the Russia Collusion Hoax that CNN spread for years CNN turned to the same ‘experts’ who spread the hoax for their takes on the IG report…This is Putin-style propaganda at its finest! - Daily Wire

Others were more blunt:

I created an artistic statement in honor of this momentary triumph of fake news over truth, justice and the American way. I hope to sell it for something north of the $120k they got for that over-ripe banana wall art at Art Basel Miami. It’s the first in what I hope to be my ‘Peachmint’ series:

I’ll have to split the proceeds with Zephyr, since it was her idea. If I can get$125k - not an unreasonable figure  for a transient fruit art these days -  we’ll both clear about $10.99 after paying commissions to the gallery, art dealer and art agent.

‘Peachmint’ Closeup

I’m still working on my artist’s statement; I need to figure out how to work in a special acknowledgement to The Georgia Peach Council, York Peppermint Patties, and Duck Tape in order to line up future endorsements.

I’m already working on my next 2 pieces in the ‘Peachmint’ Wall Art series: ‘Insurance Plan Ham Sandwich’

and ‘Jello Strong,’ aka ‘Nailing Impeachable Offenses to the Wall.’