Thursday, December 19, 2019

If You Can’t Compete You Must Impeach; If You Can, KAG

Nancy arrived on the House floor last night freshly powdered, coifed, PoliGripped and wearing black – as is befitting so solemn an occasion as a hanging or your party’s deathwatch.

Having warned her members to contain their celebrations until they were out of view and earshot she gives a few mutineers {{Rashida Tlaib}} a hard stare as they were unable to contains themselves:

Image result for pelosi impeachment

“First there’s a secret smile of glee, like the cat that swallowed the canary. It’s very fleeting, though; she suppresses it almost instantaneously. Then immediately, after putting on a stern face, she “shushes” the Democrats in schoolmarmy fashion in order to make sure they can’t be accused of celebrating.” - Neo

Meanwhile in Battle Creek thousands stood outside in 18 degree weather for hours in order to pack the Kellogg Arena to attend PDJT’s rally.

A couple hundred protestors also showed up, some sporting their classy Rashida shirts and all sporting her big mouth.

A loud and proud member of the very classy Rashida Tlaib arm of the Democrat party

Despite the bigmouths outside, the frigid cold and the impeachment vote back on the House floor, the Merry Christmas rally in the city that is home of Kellogg’s Cereal was a yuge success.

Tony the Tiger, official mascot for KAG 2020