Friday, December 20, 2019

We Live In Parallel Universes: Well Done Dems.

The last Democrat debate of the year last night; considering there’s just a bit more than a week left, including Christmas and New Year’s eve, that’s quite a gift.

The Dems used the stage last night to traipse out their pseudo-middleclass credentials and to rant on the impeachment of Donald J. Trump. Specifically, Judy Woodruff of PBS asked the candidates why, if impeachment is so necessary, more Americans weren’t on board with it.  The rest just pontificated on the wrongdoings of the President but Andrew Yang answered the question honestly: “We’re getting our news from different sources,” he said. In other words we live in parallel universes:

Image result for calvin hobbes tracer bullet

Because that’s what happens when journalism is dead.

Image result for wapo the world dies in darknessIt’s not a warning, it’s an eulogy

While China proceeds the plot to take over the world through technology, the cloning of humans into computers and sheer numbers we will continue to debate whether Donald Trump saying mean things about his adversaries requires him to be removed from office.

Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip for June 03, 1993

Well done, Dems, well done.