Friday, January 24, 2020


I suspect Melania Trump has grown much wiser since her husband’s election. I bet she could always spot snakes and weasels from a mile out but I suspect now she can also smell them from that range.

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I wonder sometimes if she had any idea how dramatically her life would change with her husband’s election. I suspect not, how could she? How could anyone?  Who would ever think that a simple tweet honoring an honorable man:

would become fodder for a late night hack’s mockery of our FLOTUS? Such is today’s cultural milieu.

On the upside I imagine that Melania is relieved she no longer need spend 4 or 5 nights a week pretending to be impressed with the likes of what passes for the social set: a miasma of pols, tycoons and celebrities who all think they could save the world, if they only decided to try.

In fact I like to imagine that Melania is relieved to be able to spend more of her evenings at home with her husband and son, cultivating her other interests. And ignoring all the ignorant and malicious lies told about her and her husband.

I do know that the same media that fawned over how “schtrong” Michelle Obama was, as she whined her way through her husbands 2 terms, is the same media that portrays Melania as meek and complicit. Further proof that they wouldn’t know a strong woman if one bit them on their butt.

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I suspect she will ultimately beat them at their own game.

Oh and happy 15th anniversary Mr and Mrs. Donald J. Trump.