Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Worst White Supremacist Rally

Worst White Supremacist Rally ever. No White nationalists showed up to commit violence and create havoc, as suggested and promoted by the MSM.

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Nope, nothing but a bunch of Pro-Second Amendment advocates, exerting their right to gather peacefully and petition the government. Just like the Founders imagined. Only one arrest was made, a young woman who refused to removed the bandana over her face.

In fact the Virginia rally participants were so well behaved you’d almost think they were Canadians.

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Except maybe the Marines.

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It reminded me of the Tea Party rallies of yore – you know, those violent racist hoards that descended on D.C. en masse back in 2009.

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Like then,

the pre-ordained narrative will trump the facts. But I’d suggest the media and our government overlords start paying closer attention to what people are actually saying.

Tea Party rally, 2009

Because unlike lying journalists *spit* and forked tongued politicians, when the people speak they mean it.

Image result for virginia gun rights rally heavily armedThis time we didn’t.

Your move.