Sunday, February 16, 2020

But Can It Stay Aloft?

I see the big red trial balloon has been raised: Hillary as Mikey’s running mate anyone?

As Bloomberg's VP, Hillary Clinton could get revenge against Trump: Goodwin

Mike Bloomberg might be a shrimpy billionaire but he’s clearly none too smart if he’d even consider Hillary Clinton as his running mate. For one thing Hillary hardly personifies the ideal “mate” of any kind. Sure, she’s still married to Bill - in the same way albatrosses theoretically mate for life – but not in any meaningful way. Like all politicians her “friendships” are casual, serial and based entirely on expediency.

Image result for hillary clinton donald trump at trump wedding

Not that Little Big Man needs my advice but I’d think twice about choosing a running mate with a track record of stabbing people in the back (figuratively speaking) and abandoning them when they needed her most. If that’s not a problem for him though I suppose they would make a good match, both being Machiavellian tyrants at heart.

However there is one slight problem: the American people have spoken.

If I were Mikey I’d launch a few more balloons before settling on old Hilz. She looks a bit menacing from the get-go and frankly I’d even question her air worthiness at this point.