Friday, February 21, 2020

FLOTUS Friday: Haters Gotta Hate

Having taken a wee break to focus their hate on a different billionaire this week, the Democrats are getting back to form with their Hating On All Things Trump® theatrics. Accordingly, they was “push back” against Melania having been presented with a “Woman of Distinction” award from Palm Beach Atlantic University.

Image result for melania trump  Women of Distinction award luncheon at The Breakers Hotel

But of course, why be classy when you can act like a 2 year old having a tantrum?

Never mind that she received a standing ovation on Wednesday when she stepped on the stage at The Breakers Hotel to accept the award.  And never mind that the proceeds from the luncheon event (which quickly sold out when it was announced Melania would attend) are used for a scholarship fund for female students - haters gotta hate.

So of course there was “pushback” from some students and faculty.

"This award has historically gone to women whose character and impact in Palm Beach has shaped the culture of our home, and I have not been convinced that the first lady's character or impact here is worthy of that recognition," said Graysen Boehning, a senior studying biology and zoology at the school.

How about that, objections from a senior majoring in biology and zoology: I wonder if he learned there are 31 genders in his classes. I’d be more concerned about that than who his (or whatever preferred pronoun Graysen chooses) school gave an award to.