Tuesday, February 18, 2020


I see the cancel culture has a new technique: harassment by petition. How civilized. Just sign your name and let the media do the rest of the legwork.

“Project Democracy” first  emerged when they collected signatures from lawyers (gravitas!) claiming Mueller’s Russia Report presented enough evidence to charge the President with obstruction of justice. Apparently that was all it took to persuade Nancy Pelosi and her toadies to proceed. 

Now  “Project Democracy” has collected online signatures from “former Justice Department employees” urging Attorney General Bill Barr to resign for his perceived bowing to White House interference in the sentencing of Roger Stone. In addition to the stable of “former Democrat DOJ” employees the signatories include 8 self-described “media analysts” who work and/or appear on CNN and MSNBC.

Image result for toadiesMedia Toadies for Justice

First of all that means nothing: anybody can can be a “media analyst.” In fact, if I had a LinkedIn account, that’s how I’d describe myself. Secondly, even if it was meaningful it would be like having a bunch of Bernie Bros endorse free college tuition.

Image result for bernie bros for free college tuition#CancelMyDebt

If it’s going to be that simple to cancel crap you don’t like I’ve got a list I’d like to submit to “Project Democracy” as well.  Unfortunately they would be on the top of it so I suspect my requests will be…cancelled.

Image result for cancel culture memeGuess they cancelled the second “l” too