Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Fight Club: Not A Good Look For the Dems

“Welcome to Fight Club. The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club.”

And after last night’s cage fight that is a very good rule indeed. However there are actually eight rules of Fight Club:

  1. One does not talk about Fight Club.
  2. One DOES NOT talk about Fight Club.
  3. The fight is over once a person yells ''stop'', taps out, or goes limp.
  4. Only two guys are involved in a fight.
  5. Only one fight occurs at a time.
  6. No shirts, no shoes.
  7. There is time allotment associated with the fights. They go on until they end.
  8. First timers at the club must fight.

And the only rule the Democrats seem to be following is #8. And aside from Bernie and Joey they’re all first timers who felt compelled to fight each other. So everybody was fighting, all at the same time.

Image result for democratic debate south carolina last nightHeil Bernie!

I don’t know what all the MSM bobble heads were even doing there last night; everyone knows there are no moderators in Fight Club. It’s a losers free-for-all.

Image result for we are all losers