Saturday, February 29, 2020

Historic Leap Year: Caturday Edition

U.S. Expected to Sign Deal With Taliban to Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan

American soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division in Paktia Province, Afghanistan, in 2013.Afghanistan has become America’s longest, now nearly invisible, war

The New York Times and others reluctantly acknowledge that the nearly 20 year war in Afghanistan may be coming to an end - at the hand of President Trump, the man they swore would lead us into World War III.

But wait!

After more than a year of talks, the deal would lay out the beginning of the end of the United States’ longest war. But many obstacles remain.

There it is, there’s still hope: “many obstacles remain.”

Though the Taliban would get their primary wish granted by this agreement, the withdrawal of American troops, they have made no firm commitments to protect civil rights for people they brutally repressed when in power.

How cute: now they’re more interested in civil rights than the waste of American blood and treasure in the pursuit of nation building. But they would bring those same people to America and insist that their civil rights include practicing their “religion” no matter how repressive.

All I can say is if, after 19 years of intervention and fighting, you can’t get your act together well enough to build your own nation you clearly have no desire to do so. In which case I no longer have any desire to help you do so.

Honestly, politics can make people so stupid I can’t bear it any longer. So let’s unleash the cats of war and allow leap year Caturday to commence.

images%2Fslides%2F10_bandOfAn upcoming 10-part HBO series will tell the true story of an elite feline unit during World War II and will be directed by Tom Hanks.

Somebody should tell the American Dairy Association that leap year adds only one day to February.