Friday, March 20, 2020

Buckle Up Buttercup

And now, a PSA regarding the Wuhan virus from our FLOTUS:

Melania Trump released a public service announcement about the coronavirus

"While changes need to be made now, this is not how we'll live forever. Our children will return to school, people will return to work, we will gather at the places of worship, concerts, and sporting events again," she said. "I urge you to stay connected to family and loved ones with video chats, phone calls, and social media."

"Stay safe and remember, while many of us are apart, we are all in this together."

Of course the anti-Trumpers lost no time proving her wrong, we are indeed not in this together as long as they can still squeeze an ounce of venom from their veins. Because for those suffering from TDS nothing is more important than hating on Trump and all things related to Trump.

Meanwhile California Governor Gavin Newsom issues the first “stay home” edict. Watch for other local potentates to follow suit quickly, unless they are overruled by a court somewhere. 

This is what “it will get worse before it gets better” looks like.

Image result for california stay at home orderStay home, where ever you call home.

With the left it’s always more of a threat than a warning.

California governor orders statewide stay-at-home orderCamping out in front of the shuttered San Francisco Ballet, homeless version of “movin’ on up.”

Buckle up buttercups, Wuhan Flu ain’t for wimps.

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