Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The Beach Will Have To Wait

I’d really prefer to go to the beach but it’s tax day in the MOTUS household. We’ve delayed this year’s inevitable day of reckoning as long as possible – well technically we have till October with our extension but even I’m not that much of a procrastinator – so meeting with our accountant this morning. This is how I always feel by the time we’re done gathering everything required together in order to turn over a substantial portion of our annual income to the government for redistribution as they deem fit:

Well i never hulu i love lucy GIF on GIFER - by KajilabarCurrent mood: (fill-in-the-blank)

So you do what you have to today and Raj and l will do what’s necessary in order to avoid governmental seizure of assets and/or incarceration.

The beach will have to wait.