Sunday, August 2, 2020

Look At Those Little Monkeys Run**

Last week’s winning “Instapundit Post of the Week” goes to this entry slipped in just under the wire last night:

SO, LIKE PORTLAND ONLY WITH SEX. AND FOOD. Thousands of sex-mad monkeys overrun city and eat themselves to death as cops admit they are powerless to control them. 

Allow me to illustrate the wining entry:

The cinema where the monkeys have made their headquarters and where they lay their dead to rest

Barbarians at the gate (Thailand, above, Portland, below)

For 16 Nights, Familiar Patterns From Police and Protesters Emerge ...

They don’t like walls and they don’t like fences any better.

Thailand's 'Monkey City' overrun by gangs of hungry, horny ...

Mayors want U.S. agents blocked from Portland and Seattle ...Protestors demonstrating another mantra of the Left: “tear it down!”

And regarding the Left’s “build bridges not walls” mantra – that’s so they can shut them down when the monkeys become disgruntled.

Demonstrators shut down Burnside Bridge in Portland yesterday (PHOTOS)Burnside Bridge, Portland June 2, 2020

Protesters march across the Fremont Bridge on June 16, 2020 to rally against police brutality.Freemont Bridge, Portland June 15, 2020

All these little monkeys want is justice – and free food, beverages, housing and medical care. Since it’s Sunday, and I’m feeling a bit more charitable than I do as a rule these days, I’m going to offer the monkeys this advice (free): be careful what you wish for, once you’re owned by the overlords your life is literally in their hands.

Thai authorities began sterilising the monkeys in a bid to bring their population under control“Thai authorities began sterilising the monkeys in a bid to bring their population under control.”

*Today’s post dedicated to Janice the Elder and her banned but(t) beloved simian references. RIP, dear soul.

If a monkey takes a selfie in the forest, who owns the copyright ...

**Footnote: Classical reference in the headline.