Monday, August 3, 2020

The Summer of Our Discontent: Monday

It’s possible the Western World is awakening from its fitful slumber.

The Sleep Demon

The people seem to be rising up against the virus regime:  FREEDOM RISING: Large Anti-Scamdemic Protests Spring Up in Germany, UK, Netherlands.

Titled “The End of the Pandemic – Freedom Day,” as people chant “We are the second wave, enough is enough!”

The protest movement against the scamdemic has taken off after a viral video regarding the healing qualities of hydroxychloroquine exploded in popularity and then was immediately censored by Big Tech, the fake news media, and the globalist establishment.

It is reassuring to know that Europe still has some people immune to propaganda. No, they don’t think that COVID is “a hoax,” they think the extreme measures that governments around the world have imposed “to keep us safe” are a hoax. It makes no sense, as demonstrated by results in Sweden where no shutdown happened, and people still able to practice critical thinking skills are beginning to realize that.

It’s a start.

May it spread faster than the Wuhan Cooties

But expect more fear-mongering pushback from our betters who really, really, really know better than we do. Hazmat suits for everyone by Halloween!