Thursday, August 20, 2020

No Mean Feat, Democrats

Rashida’s déclassé comment has been brushed from YouTube, and Gretchen's will be as well. I only mention it because I wish the Governor would just get busy and get the state operating smoothly again rather than bashing the President. Specifically, I wish she could get the Secretary of State (SoS) offices around here operating at something approximating effective levels. Although I’m sure they are deemed “essential” you can still go to one by appointment only, currently appointments are available in… January, 2021. This wouldn’t be a problem if they’d let you do all transactions on line but they aren’t. Example: we leased a new car at the end of June and bought the old one out of lease because Raj’s brother wants to buy it. We have yet to receive the title in order to transfer it to him. So it sits in the garage, (fully insured), the 30 day tabs expired long ago and when the title finally arrives it must be transferred in person as it is sales tax exempt (family transfer). So shut up Gretchen, and get this state operating again. And by the way, she hasn’t fixed the damn roads yet either.

Other than that, I see Hillary - sporting her old flip hair do, recycled white suit, bug eyes and newly frozen face - took the opportunity last night to remind DNC viewers that she won the popular vote in 2016.

As lovely and charming as ever

Barry was also back, still bashing the President. He looked sad too.

Hillary Clinton returns to the DNC stage tonight, hoping to remind ...

It would seem that once again he’s going to have to campaign harder for the Democrats’ candidate than the candidate her/himself.

Oh, and I guess the the first Asian-American-Black woman on a major party ticket performed her acceptance speech while pretending to be likable.

Kamala Harris brings history, identity to her convention night ...No mean feat, that.