Sunday, August 16, 2020

We Get It: You’re Mad. And Very Possibly Insane.

This may well become an instant Instapundit classic:


Allow me to present a brief history of that “non-stop over-the-top insanity” referenced:

First there were the tears when news of Hillary’s ‘unexpected’ loss was confirmed by the beloved media.

Tears and sadness swiftly shifted to anger and primal scream therapy.

And they’ve been screaming about something ever since, first in hopes of reversing the election, then in hopes of having the President impeached and now in desperate hope of throwing him out in the next election. The hissy fits have continued non-stop, full-throttled, one outrage after another:

First, the Pink Pussy protest. Because Trump is sexist!

Pink hats of protest: Why women are ditching symbol of a movement ...Because “Trump hates women” or something

Pink pussyhats of the anti-Trump Women's March are falling out of ...Majority? No, if you were you’d have nothing to protest

Trump is homophobic! He hates LGBTQs! And Qwerty!

Original "Make America Gay Again" Anti-Hate, Pro-Equality 3' x 5 ...

Trump is racist! Build bridges not walls!

Kids in cages!

Trump slams Dems after viral photo of children in cages, from ...Whoops, these are Obama’s caged kids. Cancel them.

Russia, Russia, Russia! Collusion, Collusion, Collusion!

Maxine Waters Suffers MeltDown on Live TV. Cannot Accept Result of ...‘Peach Foty Fi!


7 reporters explain the latest in impeachment - POLITICOIf at first you don’t succeed…you can run for Congress

Trump is a fascist: Disband ICE!

All Politics Is Local: What You Can Do to Fight ICE – Next City

Sexist Judges! Reject Kavanaugh!

Seattle protesters march against Kavanaugh nomination | The ...Just say “NO” to Judge Kavanaugh, misogynist Trump stand-in


A Handmaid's Tale of Protest - The New York Times Handmaidens Against Trump

More Gun Control!

PHOTOS: Thousands Rally For Gun Control In Salt Lake City | KUER 90.1Because Trump wants your children to die – at school!

Coronavirus: Trump lied, people died!

Protesters lay 'body bags' at Trump hotel over coronavirus responseBody bag art. Hey – Do Governor Cuomo next!

I could go on…and on:

Take a knee!


Defund the Police!

Federal Agents, out of our cities!

Burn it down! To the ground!!

We get it. You’re mad you lost. And you are very, very poor losers.

And I am so tired of all their passive aggressive “I’m better than you” virtue signaling lawn signs.  This isn’t very charitable of me but  I swear, I’m getting one of these:

Oh, and Epstein didn’t kill himself.

(UPDATED by Raj)