Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Taco Tuesday Election Year Edition

I have a very early doctor appointment today so let me just drop this dinner heads-up: it’s Taco Tuesday!

Doesn’t matter how you do it – soft, hard, beef, pork, chicken or fish - everybody likes tacos. Even the Kalorama Kouple eat them when they aren’t flapping their jaws about one thing or another.

Joey likes them because of their diversity. He always eats them when campaigning with his best Hispanic pal, Eric Garcetti:

I’d tell you that Kamala is also a taco eater but that seems a bit, um, indelicate.

So let’s talk taco etiquette. Considered a finger food by most people, tacos may sometimes be served with a fork- which can come in handy to keep your taco from falling over, and letting the filling come spilling out all over the place.

LPT: Use a fork to balance your taco while building it : pics

Which is probably the real reason you might get one on your plate.

Just ask Donald Trump. Unlike the team he’s running against he’s a law and order guy; a big advocate of securing our borders and otherwise enforcing our laws. And he eats his tacos in a bowl, with a fork…because some things are just safer with a wall around them.

Donald Trump Eats a Taco Bowl to Prove His Love for Hispanics - EaterI’m Donald Trump and I approve this message.

I’m Joe, and I don’t have a message. But I’m running for the Senate, or, you know, the thing. Because it’s a story book, man! And I’ll kick your a**. Trust me, it’s a really big f***ing deal!