Saturday, August 15, 2020

Something Amazing Might Still Happen

This has been a pretty significant week news-wise.

  • A historical accord was signed between Israel and the UAE that paves the way for significant changes in the Middle East for the next century. (brokered by President Trump, who doesn’t know what he’s doing)

UNCOVERED: Obama Secretly Sent Additional $1.3B To Iran

Surprisingly, it did not involve a pallet of cash

  • ANTIFA/BLM continue to riot across America and the left seems perfectly fine with that, still resisting the assistance that Trump has offered in the form of Federal agents.

Dads join Portland's 'Wall of Moms' with leaf blowers to combat ...

No, seriously, we’ve got this!

Judge denies Portland's request to restrict federal agents | The Blade

  • The 9th Circuit finally (with as assist from a Trump appointed judge) finally gets something right: Federal Appeals Court Throws Out California Ban On Large-Capacity Gun Magazines. The court ruled that the state's "near-categorical ban of [the magazines] infringes on the fundamental right to self-defense." The decision is a blow to gun control activists.

The Second Amendment Is No Barrier to Stricter Gun LawsIt’s that pesky Constitution again!

  • The Crossfire Hurricane story has finally been approved for prime time and it’s been revealed that lead FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith changed an email in order to justify a FISA warrant for surveillance of a former Trump campaign adviser. Unfortunately it’s not available for streaming and we have to wait for next week’s installment. Sure don’t want to vindicate Trump to quickly.

  • Oh, and of course, Joey B selected Kamala as his handler.

Jamala: two bigger lying phonies would be hard to come by – unless we’re talking about a Clinton or an Obama.

So that’s the week so far. Stay tuned, there’s still today and something amazing might still happen. Possibly under the canopy of a tree, and most likely while you are reading a good book.

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