Friday, August 14, 2020

Team Jamala: You Know the Thing

And representing the Blue Team…

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden Are a Power Duo — and Their Birth ...

It’s Team Jamala!

So far the Jamala presidential platform includes open borders, Medicare for all, forgiveness of student loans, the Green New Deal, taking a knee and…federally mandated face masks. No exceptions: from New York City (density 26,400/sq. mile) to Wrangell, Alaska (density 0.9 /sq. mile) and everywhere in between.

Moose Mask Stock Illustrations – 104 Moose Mask Stock ...MAGU: Make Amerika Gag Up! (I can’t breathe!)

Henceforth we will refer to the Blue Team’s platform as  the Mr. MAGU agenda.

Keep it up Team Jamala and you might just push entrenched #NeverTrumpers over to the Donald’s side.

How Trump Won Over the Never Trumpers - The Atlantic

Although, as demonstrated by Neo, some, like Bernie Goldberg, remain as absurdly irrational as ever. He fervently hopes the Democrats don’t win, but not so much as to actually allow himself to vote for Trump. As Mr. Spock would note, that’s illogical.

Positions such as Goldberg’s are a bizarre sort of virtue-signaling that seems self-indulgent and illogical. And yet, those are rather common traits these days. The way I see such a stance is that people who hold it are treating an election not as a contest between two people and their parties’ policies but rather as a test of their own personal moral rectitude as reflected in the moral rectitude of the person for whom they vote. If the candidate isn’t up to standard, the vote cannot be tendered, and such voters can brag about their own uprightness while the country falls apart and they’ve done nothing to stop that from happening. But what’s most important to them is that they feel they can hold their heads high.

Is it possible that asymptomatic corona virus has a lingering effect on the brain? Such that it interferes with normal rational thought? If so I would suggest we should test both Goldberg and Biden for COVID-19 antigens.

“You know the thing”

I’m Mr. Magoo, and I think I endorse this message.

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