Saturday, August 29, 2020

Say Their Name. And Vote Accordingly.

Say their names:

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Charles Nicholas Wall, 45, and his stepdaughter Laura Ashley Anderson, 21, both white, were shot dead by Ty Sheem Ha Sheem Walters III, 23, black.

The local news called it a road rage incident, that’s BS. Ty Sheem Ha Sheem Walters III rear-ended Wall’s car as Wall was turning into his step-daughter’s driveway. Although Walters was clearly at fault Democrats have spent years telling him that he’s a victim so I’m sure he felt more than justified in murdering two innocent people and wounding a third because he thought they got in his way.

Welcome to Thug Life America, now playing in a city near you.

From spear-chuckers in Times Square

to “mostly peaceful” flame throwers in Portland, OR

Trump Demands End to Flag Burning as Protests Rage, Statues Fall

and everywhere in-between.

Dateline Washington D.C.

Protesters surround Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky and his wife as they left the Republican National Convention late Thursday. He said he was attacked by an 'angry mob of over 100 people'Rand and Kelley Paul harassed and threatened by BLM thugs outside the RNC finale

These protesters ran up to RNC guests and flipped their middle fingers as they walked away from the White House late ThursdayYoung white suburban  BLM Millennials giving the un-proverbial finger to and spitting at old white Boomers leaving the Trump RNC

No place is safe anymore. You can be accosted anywhere.

Dateline Kenosha, WI:

Kenosha, for crying out loud, a city so innocuous that the only statue the raging mob could locate to topple was a poor dinosaur outside the city’s Dinosaur Discovery Museum.

"Among the damaged buildings: the public library, the Dinosaur Discovery Museum, the Harborside Academy charter school, a law firm, the USPS building and the county register of deeds."

The racist dinosaur had it coming. As you can see, he was trying to run away.

Dino is going down! Repeat, Dino is going down!

Ask yourself this America:

The Squad.' These Are the 4 Congresswomen Trump Is Targeting | FortuneThe Democrats’ Angry Mob Squad

Whose team are these hip hop velociraptor thugs on? Hint: it’s not yours.

Vote accordingly.