Friday, September 11, 2020

Before. During. After. Never Forget.


Photograph by Konstantin PetrovSunset at Windows on the World restaurant atop the World Trade Center, 2001. Photograph by Konstantin Petrov

WTC viewed from New York Harbor


Mitchell: Economic inequity didn't fall with the Twin Towers | Commentary |  phillytrib.comINCOMING, #2

Remembering 9/11, in 53 photos | National News | journalstar.comHORROR RAINS DOWN FIRE AT 9:03




How quickly the country forgots the importance of first responders who run towards disaster

We said we’d never forget but not only have people forgotten, they’re rewriting the script; now the only thing people are unwilling to forget is how racist our slave owning founders were. Children not yet born on 9-1-2001 won’t learn in school of the evil and hate in the hearts of our sworn foreign enemies as such talk is deemed racist and Islamophobic. Nor will they be taught about our domestic enemies as all that matters now is Black Lives Mattering. So they will learn that white silence is consent and if you chose not to comply with their lie you are a racist enjoying your white privilege and keeping systemic racism alive and well. Shame!


The Causes and Consequences of 9/11 | Politics and Policy

This year the iconic twin towers of blue light commemorating the event and memorializing the victims will not be on display – because COOTIES! Too dangerous for the workers. Not too dangerous for the crew that painted the giant BLACK LIVES MATTER street mural in front of Trump Tower a few weeks back though. Because memorializing a Marxist organization that hates America is currently more important than remembering the victims of a terrorist attack by other people who also hate America.

Everything changed that day and unfortunately many people still don’t seem to get it so they don’t even know what to remember. But we will never forget.

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Update: The Tunnels To Towers Foundation stepped in to ensure the ‘Towers of Lights’ tribute takes place this year.