Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Shoot All Extremists

“This was an age of extremes, a fascinating century of freaks... but nobody loved it.” – Alfred Bestor, The Stars My Destination, 1957

And now summer begins to wind down. It will tumble itself into a splash of autumn crispness and color before completely upending itself in a pile of snow.

Unless of course you live along the front range of the Rockies and upper plains. In that case winter will arrive today unannounced, unwelcome and…unexpectedly just days after record-breaking heat.

Meanwhile BLM and ANTIFA continue their aggressive ideological mobbing of people dining outdoors in what is perhaps summer’s last hurrah.

F*ck White People!' – BLM-Biden Supporters Scream at Elderly Couple Dining  Outdoors in Pittsburgh, Steal Their Drinks Off Table (VIDEO) - STATIONGOSSIPWhen demonstrators entered the outdoor dining space, one person took a couples' drink and drank it herself before leavingBLM thug lady harasses elderly couple and steals their drink in Pittsburg

The mobbings serve as a reminder of what a truly thin line there is between civilization and savagery.

Image: Charlottesville Marks First Anniversary Of Deadly RallyANTIFA’s thin-black-bloc-line in Portland

Back in the ‘60s there was a jokey bumper sticker that read “Shoot All Extremists.” It wouldn’t even raise a smile today, as the Left thinks we are the fascists.

It is an age of extremes for sure, and nobody’s lovin’ it.