Saturday, September 12, 2020

Clear the Decks: There’s Virtue Signaling To Be Done

I’m so old I remember when this sort of thing would have been considered obstruction of justice:

“It appears that Special Counsel Mueller’s team may have deleted federal records that could be key to better understanding their decision-making process as they pursued their investigation and wrote their report. Indeed, many officials apparently deleted the records after the DOJ Inspector General began his inquiry into how the Department mishandled Crossfire Hurricane.”

Now days that charge is only used to impeach Republican presidents.

I guess “wiping” electronic devices is just another manifestation of white liberal privilege.

“Wipe my server?”

Google subpoenaed for Hillary Clinton emails believed to contain backup to  records scrubbed with "Bleachbit"

“What, with a cloth or something?”

P.S. One of the phones wiped in the Mueller probe was that of Andrew Weismann, the lead prosecutor on the team. Apparently he “accidentally” wiped his phone…twice, thus ensuring the data was lost. Mr. Weismann you may recall, was also the lead prosecutor in the Enron and related Arthur Anderson cases, He was accused of prosecutorial misconduct in the Enron case  and prosecutorial overreach in the Arthur Anderson case. He was later rebuked by the Supreme Court in the AA case where the appeal resulted in an overturned ruling by a unanimous 9-0 decision. Too late to save the careers and livelihoods of the firm’s 85,000 employees. They were collateral damage, but for Weismann it remained another notch in his belt.

Hillary's Avoidance of FOIA | Thai Chilis and Blue Grass

Now works on cell phones too!

Get some for all of your devices today so you too can wipe away all those calls, emails and texts that Big Tech hasn’t already taken care of for you that might call into question your true motives. Clear the way for your renewed virtue signaling with a vengeance.

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