Sunday, September 13, 2020

First They Came For the Jews…

It’s Sunday. Many people seek a respite from the world’s insanity by going to church to hear an uplifting message of hope and salvation. If, however, you came home feeling more alienated than heartened and inspired by the message from the pulpit this might explain why:

Infiltrating Churches via Leftist Christians

…shocking levels of infiltration and manipulation by communists of the Religious Left, particularly the mainline Protestant denominations. They had alarming, tragic success duping the religious Left. That came especially through appeals to “social justice,” to peace, to opposing war, to opposing fascism.

The two most successful communist front-groups in hoodwinking liberal Christians were the American League Against War and Fascism and the American Peace Mobilization. Note the brilliant sloganeering here: Who, after all, could oppose a “peace mobilization?” Who, after all, could oppose an organization that’s against war and fascism?

They are very wily, the Left. And Senator McCarthy was right.

McCarthyism - Wikipedia

Although it’s not just Hollywood by any means, they were just the simplest target. Eventually McCarthy was discredited, then disgraced and finally

Cancel culture” does not exist

The result: over half a century for the menace of Marxism/communism/socialism’s flawed ideology  to metastasize unabated in other quarters: Big Media, Big Government, Big Education. Now they’ve finally come for religion. Don’t let your church get sucked into the mendacity of Social Justice Warriorism.

To name her organization Black Lives Matter is absolutely brilliant. And with the way that leftists aggressively weaponize their rhetoric, they frame anyone against the organization, Black Lives Matter, as being against the goal of black lives mattering.

It is seductive and preys upon the good will of Christians - and Jews. Don’t let them.

Pin on Religious Education

Even if you are an atheist. Sophistry is not a principle this country was founded on. 

The Danger of Indifference: "Then They Came For Me"