Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Joe: A Man Outstanding In His Field.

I love it when Joey comes out of his basement. Especially when it’s to stand at a podium in front of a field,

to read a speech from a teleprompter to 3 masked-up, socially distanced journOlists

along with a local pest or two

You know what is actually threatening our suburbs - fires': Biden mocks  Trump's law and order fear-mongering in climate crisis speech

What is that? A stinkbug? Some exotic cockroach? A drone?

and enough Secret Service agents to outnumber the other sycophants.

They’re also masked up because the Democrats need you to remain scared…and submissive.

The reason for Joe’s prepared remarks yesterday was to accuse President Trump of starting the wildfires on the West Coast, creating hurricanes in the Atlantic, allowing the COVID-19 pandemic into the country thus causing the resultant economic collapse, and encouraging the “emboldened white supremacy” he’s certain is out there.  He covered a lot of ground in a very few minutes; impressive for an old man of little brain.

For that reason I recognize him today as a man outstanding in his field: an honor he has earned time and time again.

laugh@libs on Twitter:

Note to all of our friends in Sally’s path: prayers for your safety and please move to high ground.