Saturday, September 19, 2020

Buckle Up Buttercup

R.I.P. Ruthie. My upbringing prevents me from celebrating your demise, but I won’t be in the group extolling your virtue and legacy either.

On the outside chance you still don’t know who the Left is, allow them to tell you in their own words (caution, language):

I think this is the ex-CNN jerk getting sued for Tweeting about Nick Sandmann’s “punchable face” so don’t think he doesn’t mean it.

As Kitty Shackleford noted “Thanks Laura, for letting us know who has been behind the riots.”

So it looks like the Left’s legacy of street fighting will continue unabated - until their morale improves - which won’t happen until they win. And that’s not likely to happen if Trump places another conservative justice on the court. In the event the election decision goes to the SCOTUS as it did in 2000 they’d prefer their chances of a 4:4 (because Roberts has never really been on our side). The result of that outcome is too horrible to contemplate.

Over 50 Congress members urge Pelosi to allow remote voting amid  coronavirus crisis - U.S. News -

But if Trump does nominate another conservative justice, thus blocking that path to victory well, as Aslan implied, there will be hell to pay.

Rest assured that the canonization of St. Ruthie in the Church of Progressivism will take place in short order. But the fight to seat her replacement on the Supreme Court will continue on, serving as the third ring of the Dems’ long running 3 ring circus.

So have a nice Caterday.

Buckle up Buttercup, it’s going to be a rough ride.