Sunday, September 20, 2020

Build The Wall. Part II

“I'm your wall between the American dream and chaos.”

 President Trump, Minnesota September 18, 2020

You can take this literally,

Red Brick wall texture with a word Firewall. Red Brick wall texture background with a word Firewall stock photography

as the rabid Left is setting cities on fire - and for all we know forests as well - and threatening to do more if they don’t get their way.

Burn It Down,

Or you can think of it as a figurative wall between the chaos, randomness, and the noise of Marxist resistance and our Constitutional system of democracy.

Life is chaos; what we actually have is a choice between the nuevo-communists’ chaos of entropy and destruction or the more deterministic chaos that allows for the building and growth of the system.

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Art Work paintings

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My vote goes to building and growth. It seems a bit more hopeful than the Left’s slogans of  “tear it down!” “resist!” and “be afraid, be very afraid.”

build or destroy" (patrick martinez' neon signage)

So yes Mr. President I’ll help you “build the wall.” Bigger. Higher. Stronger.