Friday, September 25, 2020

I Think You’ve Done Something Really Stupid Too

At yesterday’s White House press briefing Brian Karem of Playboy (ed. Playboy? When did they become a “news” outlet?) asked the President “win, lose or draw in this election, will you commit here today for a peaceful transferal of power after the election?” President Trump deferred, again citing his concern that mail-in voting could lead to widespread voter fraud, and stating that he expected to win and therefore didn’t anticipate a transfer of power, just a continuation.

The Democratic operatives with bullhorns – the journalists I mean, not the “protestors” – immediately got all wee-weed up (Barack’s term not mine). Their antics and accusations would have you believe that the President is, well, literally Hitler!

You Say you want a Revolution?Yahweh the God of the Old Testament calls for  endless war and Revolution – Blog of StaśLiterally, I tell you!

They are outraged that President Trump has declined to concede the election 49 days before it is held. Furthermore he has the audacity to throw shade on the process underway in many Blue swing states to send unsolicited requests for 1) voter registration and 2) absentee ballots. I can tell you firsthand that it stinks to high heaven. How? Well here in Michigan, at the address of the bunker that MOTUS built 32 years ago, and hence has never been occupied by anyone else, a woman with my surname and an entirely different first name received an unsolicited application to register to vote from the office of the Secretary of State. Two weeks later this non-existent woman received an application for an absentee ballot, odd as she apparently had never registered to vote. Nor could she possibly have met the guidelines for either solicitation as stated by the SoS:

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson previously announced her office would send information on how to apply for an absentee ballot to 4.4 million registered voters.

The state is also sending 700,000 letters to residents who are eligible to vote and have a driver's license or state identification card but are not registered to vote, according to a news release.

Since “Lisa” is not a registered voter she shouldn’t have gotten an application for absentee ballot, and since she certainly doesn’t have a either a driver’s license or state ID with MY address listed as her residence she didn’t qualify for an application to register to vote either. So what good is poll watching when “Lisa” is probably going to vote by mail, for Biden, using my address which is in a Republican district? And they wonder why the President thinks this drive for mail in voting (ostensibly to avoid the Cooties) is rigged?

I would ask my Democrat/liberal friends, of which I have very few anymore, if they would be comfortable if the tables were turned. If it were the Republican/conservatives who were driving a get-out-the-mail-in-vote campaign in states where they controlled the respective state election commissions.  Of course not, Democrats wouldn’t stand by and allow 80 million unrequested, unverifiable ballots to jam the mail, delay vote counts and in all likelihood allow the election to devolve into chaos. But then, the Dems are all too familiar with how this scam is run, they’d be prepared to deal with it. They’d be demanding NOW to know how the unsolicited ballot mailing lists were created and begin verifying the names NOW. You know - in order to ensure a “peaceful transition of power” regardless of the election results.

Now if you want to know what an actual refusal to allow a “peaceful transition of power” you need look no further than the Obama administration’s operation Crossfire Hurricane.

Don’t count on it my Democrat friends; you’ve done something really stupid.