Saturday, September 26, 2020

Choose Your Enemies Carefully

This headline caught my eye: UAE minister: Iran’s aggression made Arab world look at Israel ‘with fresh eyes’

The United Arab Emirates didn’t need peace with Israel to counter Iran, a top UAE official said Friday, but he said Iran’s aggressive policies over three decades alarmed many Arab countries and made them look at their relationship with Israel “with fresh eyes.”

It strikes me that the racist, terrorist arm of the Democratic party [SAY THEIR NAME! BLM/ANTIFA!] might force that same type of uneasy alliance between Democrats and Trump if they’re not careful.

Man seriously injured in shooting during violent overnight protests in  Richmond

Because even if there is a lot of racism and white privilege going on around here…

They want to hurt us, but first defund the police - meet Antifa | We the  GovernedAnother night, another round of mug shots from Portland’s "mostly peaceful" protestors arrested for arson, assault, and other peaceful activities

if they think about it a bit they could conclude that it’s not necessarily a sound decision to burn it all down in order to ‘save’ it for society’s whack jobs.

I don’t know which way he/she is going but I do know that this person is a “lady” nowhere other than in  neo-liberal land where history and western civilization must be erased and the patriarchy smashed

Newnan police get played: Burn, baby, burn!

My best advice for Dems is to keep this wise old Arabian proverb in mind.

And then look very carefully before you decide who your real enemy is.