Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Let Your People Go

I saw a commercial late last night for those COVID head shields;

I give them credit, making a hunk of plastic glued to a foam ring that goes around your head into a legitimate consumer product that people are willing to exchange a goodly amount of money for is no mean feat; especially since its efficaciousness against the viruses it portents to protect you from is at best questionable. But that’s neither here nor there, the face shields meet our (D) Governor’s mandate that we remain masked at all times while in public or suffer the (State imposed) consequences.

I am struck by the thought that future generations will laugh while watching archived videos of these late night commercials and wonder how their parents and grandparents could have been so traumatized by a virus that turned out to be far more political than biological. From their vantage point they’ll likely spot the irony of the face masked society immediately:

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Does a plastic face shield protect you and others as well as a mask? -  SFGate“We pray for a vaccine, but more than that Dear Lord we pray that our overlords let Your people go.”