Thursday, October 1, 2020

Garbage In Garbage Out

What is wrong with New York City? Their streets are lined with garbage from Wall Street to Midtown Manhattan.

Lower Manhattan: Bags of garbage and recycling are heaped up on Lafayette Street near the New York Stock Exchange FridayLafayette Street near the New York Stock Exchange

Chelsea, Manhattan: Garbage, some of it collected by the homeless, is seen on West 15th Street and 7th Avenue on July 31

Garbage everywhere even though businesses remain closed and half the people normally working there haven’t stepped foot in the city for months.  It’s sort of a trick question, the answer is obvious.

An overview of Cuomo and de Blasio's out-of-state travels | CSNY

If these clowns don’t do something about their city pretty soon they’ll have a bigger health problem to worry about than COVID.

Dead rats, flies – what could go wrong?

But don’t worry, Mayor de Blasio has imposed a $1000 fine for not wearing a facemask. I suppose they’ll work on bubonic plague just as well.

In unrelated news, I see that the Presidential Debate Commission is thinking of imposing “new tools to maintain order” at future debates.

Chris Wallace Strains to Control Debate as Trump Flouts Rules - WSJSo we can all agree that this tool was inadequate?