Saturday, September 5, 2020

Not This Year

In defiance of the best efforts of Democrat governors to keep the economy locked down and under wraps it came roaring back in August. Despite continued mandated closures and sanctioned rioting around the country, you just can’t keep the Trump economy down. August saw an added 1.4 million jobs which, along with the end of furloughs for 7 million employees, resulted in an 8.4% unemployment rate, a drop of nearly 2% from June levels of 10.2% and well below the 9.8% rate  economists “expected.” All of which was considered bad news in certain quarters.

Accordingly, the Big Three Alphabets adhered to the “no bad news on Friday” rule and not one of them even bothered to mention the “unexpectedly” vibrant job market yesterday, even during their business segments which you would think may be interested in such news. Instead, as Newsbusters pointed out, they droned on about Labor Day sales such as Staples 50% off on office chairs. One wonders who would be buying such things as they would have you believe that everybody is still out of work.

Meanwhile the Joey B campaign continues to hang its hat on the country's economy remaining in shambles, emphasizing what has nearly always been the case, that bad news for America is good news for the Democrats.

“Talk to a lot of real working people,” Biden said Friday, speaking at a community center just a few miles from his home. “Ask them, do they feel like they’re being left behind? Ask them how they feel about the economy coming back.”

“We all know it didn’t have to be this bad,” Biden said

Yes Joe, we do. And we know why it is this bad as well, and it isn’t because of the President no matter how hard you try to make the case otherwise. Next thing you know Joey will be blaming Trump for cancelling sports; oh wait…

The ad shows empty sports stadium, schools, and churches as 'The Star Spangled Banner' plays in the background

he already did that. So while you’re not watching college football this afternoon, ask yourself this: who is keeping the churches closed? (Democrats)

And the stadiums empty? (Democrats)

So Go Blue? I don’t think so.

Biden-Harris campaign ad implies Trump is to blame for cancelled sporting  events

Not this year.