Wednesday, October 28, 2020

All the News That Fits Our Agenda, We’ll Print

In a sane world, one ruled by reason, logic and the rule of law, there would be no reason to be nervous about President Trump’s reelection. But we live in a make-believe world created by a deceitful media cabal that has run up a 4 year track record of biased reporting which has racked up a cumulative 92% negative rate of coverage of the President, his policies and his supporters.

But worse than the partisan coverage is the flat out squelching of stories/information that would provide voters with vital information that, yes, could sway the outcome of an election. Even Matt Taibi - of all people – has exposed some of them.

But none of the buried stories have been more egregious than the suppression of the current Bobulinski revelations about the Biden family connections to the Chinese Communist Party. Bobulinski, mind you, is not your run-of-the–mill suspect whistle blower with damaging information against a Democrat candidate. For one thing, he’s a life-long Democrat, as well as a retired Navy lieutenant, an independently wealthy man with nothing to gain and a great deal to lose. In fact he is currently receiving death threats which has forced him to hire a team of former Navy Seals to guard his family while he himself is located someplace else. He did not take this route lightly; I would say he is a credible source.

Tony Bobulinski spoke to Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night in an interview from Los Angeles

But not credible enough for the MSM who have and will most likely continue to give zero amount of coverage to this critical story of a potentially compromised presidential candidate. Because, as Gerald Baker put it, they think the job of media watchdogs is to guard Biden.

All Things, it seems, will not be Considered. In the long and dishonorable annals of journalistic cant, there have been few statements to compete with the one issued by National Public Radio last week explaining why it wouldn’t burden its listeners with any news about Hunter Biden.

“We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste our listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions,” said Terence Samuels, the network’s managing editor for news.

Hence, there will be a media blackout, and with no coverage there can be no scandal. That’s how Obama managed to get by for 8 years “scandal free” as well. If it isn’t covered it’s like it never even happened.

So don’t expect to see any coverage of this huge story before the election anywhere other than Fox because the Legacy Media has determined that their job is to get rid of President Trump at all costs. Even if it means electing a man with dementia, who can’t “work” more than a few hours a day, who can’t or won’t answer any questions about anything other than his favorite milkshake flavor and is up to his ears in a pay-for-play influence pedaling scheme with our country’s greatest global enemy.

The Legacy Media, like the Biden Crime Family will claim “plausible deniability.”

Pray for our country. These people are not simply evil they are dangerously evil.

The Biden Crime Family: Patriarch Joey with lil bro Jimmy, Hunter with “Big Guy”

And by “these people” I include the Legacy Media. They are disgusting - and dangerous to our republic.

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