Friday, October 30, 2020


If half the country weren't in thrall to an epidemic far worse than the Chinese Virus – I’m talking about TDS of course – the outrage meter against the type of bias exhibited by media giants such as Twitter/Facebook/Google would be constantly fluctuating in the red zone. Regardless of which team you played for.

Curses! Foiled Again!: My Rage-O-Meter is Pegged

But like their progressive political partners Big Tech giants are committed to promoting their ideology and they are use to getting their way – by any means necessary.

Thus we have the likes of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey lying to the Senate about his company lifting the ban on the NY Post, (they did so briefly then re-imposed it) and otherwise dripping with disdain for the Senators who dared question him.

(He) explained with an eerie calm that The Post can regain access to its Twitter account anytime it wants — once it deletes a tweet with an image his company has decided violates its standards.

As the Post pointed out:

Dorsey’s words echo the ­assurances offered writers in authoritarian states that they will be allowed to publish their other scribblings . . . just so long as they burn the manuscripts the censors find offensive in front of the censors.

Not a standard of freedom of speech normally hailed by the Fourth Estate but in in the age of We Hate Trump and Will Do Anything To Get Rid of Him, well, as I said, by any means necessary.

Anarchists Respond to Trump's Inauguration, by Any Means Necessary - The  New York Times

And this new standard likewise applies to the selective application of rules: Carrboro town officials refuse to remove Black Lives Matter flags from Early Voting site.

As you can see, Black Lives Matter flags adorn the only early voting site in Carrboro, a town that describes itself as a “progressive haven” and a “remarkable example of a diverse, exciting, town.” As long as that diversity doesn’t entail any actual diversity of thought.

“After consulting with the town attorney, the Mayor and Town Council have chosen to leave the flags in place,” Carrboro officials said in their statement.

Because, as Glenn Reynolds points out, “Lefties see their slogans as nonpartisan symbols of things that are just objectively good. It’s only the right’s slogans that are divisive symbols of hate.”

We will take our slogans to the polls in the form of votes.