Friday, October 16, 2020

Fair And Balanced

The Dueling Presidential Town Halls: ABC lines up its lapdog on the left to keep lobbing softballs at VP Depends.

Biden's ABC News town hall: Fact-checking the Democratic presidential  candidate's answers - ABC News

“I’ll come out with a clear position before Election Day,”

“I have not been a fan of court packing … I’m not a fan — but it depends on how it turns out, how it’s handled.”

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Biden didn't get one question on the Hunter exposé during ABC’s town hall, so thankfully nobody had to clean up that mess.

Meanwhile over on the right:

The dueling town halls were better than a debate would have been and three  other takeaways - The Boston Globe

Savannah Guthrie stood in for Joe Biden at NBC’s 2nd Presidential debate. Joe still lost.

“Savannah Guthrie used her skills as a former litigator to interrogate President Trump during NBC's town hall.”

Yip, yip, yip, yip, yip….

NBC’s designated pit-bull repeatedly yipped at the President’s heels. She used her “skills” as a “former litigator” and “journalist” to inject both her own facts and opinions into the interrogation. In her dual role last evening, Ms. Guthrie also served as the designated onsite MSM fact checker, thus providing the ammunition as well as the weapon to accuse the President of being a liar at every opportunity.

So I think we all agree: the town halls were fair and balanced. Much like Twitter.

Mainstream media circles the wagons

Only more so.