Thursday, October 15, 2020

In China Terms of Service Violate You

Remember Yakov Smirnoff – the comedian who defected from Ukraine in the late 70s and made a career of mocking the difference between communist Russia and capitalist America? He practically invented the Russia Reversal joke:

In Soviet Russia... by RainbowJerk on DeviantArt

Today it is China that has taken over as the world’s largest suppressor of freedom.

In America, we cherish liberty and privacy and expect U.S. companies to respect those values and incorporate them into the products and technologies they create. The CCP (Chinese Communist  Party), on the other hand, has a different set of values and views liberty and privacy as threats rather than rights. Absolute control of information and technology are foundational to how the CCP organizes its economy and controls its companies. As a result, it has built a legal system that forces technology companies to work with their government compelling them, without restriction, to share information with the Communist-controlled governmen. - Michael McCaul (R-Texas), The Hill

Or at least that was the case until yesterday when Facebook and Twitter chose to censor anyone attempting to spread the Hunter/Joe Biden story from a major American Newspaper around the web.

Both Twitter and Facebook took extraordinary censorship measures against The Post on Wednesday over its exposés about Hunter Biden’s emails — with Twitter baselessly charging that “hacked materials” were used…

The Post’s primary Twitter account was locked as of 2:20 p.m. Wednesday because its articles about the messages obtained from Biden’s laptop broke the social network’s rules against “distribution of hacked material,” according to an email The Post received from Twitter. – NYPOST


This is hardly the first time the tech giants have squelched content they don’t approve of (i.e. COVID data) but it is likely the most egregious. This incident  was enacted to do precisely what they claim they will not allow others to do: impact the result of the election. Of course they had help from the rest of the usual media subjects as well: zero time on any of the big MSM outlets yesterday spent on this YUGE story of corruption and lies involving the Democrat presidential candidate. Meanwhile, Twitter tweets.


Facebook and Twitter reducing distribution of New York Post Hunter Biden story - Social media site says it will rely on its fact-checking partners to determine the story's legitimacy

Yes, by all means! Bring in the fact checkers, that should take care of everything. 

In Soviet Russia - JustPost: Virtually entertaining

Fact Checked: mostly false. Thanks to Twitter, Google and Facebook

If Yakov wants to restart his career perhaps he should reinvent himself as a Chinese ex-pat.

The jokes just write themselves.