Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Sense, Not Sensibilities

Bait and Switch, Selling and Telling the Truth - Unlock The Game

This is my current operating assumption of the Democrat plan. The DNC – whoever that is these days – has known about Hunter and Joe Biden’s corruption all along. Joe knowns they know so never mind China, the Democrats own him as well. He had no choice but to do their bidding and run as ‘Good Old Joe.’ They promise to keep the story squelched, protect him from prosecution and he promises to run as their straw everyman and get easily elected along with Kamala, his totally malleable sidekick.

Once this happens they implement their own Watergate style investigation. They create their own Deep Throat, leak the info, initiate the impeachment hearings and force their guy – just like Nixon – to resign just short of impeachment “for the good of the nation” and Kamala steps into the presidency.

Only a blind computer shop owner in Delaware screwed everything up. None of this was supposed to get out until after Joe won. Thus the current Democrat’s disinformation campaign blaming a Russian disinformation campaign for this mess right before their guy wins by “52 points.” What a mess.

You must admit, it makes as much sense as anything else.


Prove me wrong.