Saturday, October 24, 2020

In The Silence Are The Answers

I’m so old that I remember when this was the Left’s mantra:

Why White Silence on Racism Is Deadly | Elle CanadaWay last summer as I recall

I guess the use-by date on that has expired.

The News Cabal continues to keep the lid on the Hunter Biden laptop/email story. If they refer to it at all – and to date most have not -  it is to call it a Rightwing dirty trick.

The contents of what was purportedly Hunter’s laptop were first provided to the New York Post last week by Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani. A computer repair store owner claimed the laptop was left at his store, but questions have been raised about whether that story is accurate and whether all the information allegedly on the laptop is authentic.

But since then, two disgruntled former business partners of Hunter — Bevan Cooney and Tony Bobulinski — have provided their own emails and texts about Hunter to pro-Trump journalists or GOP politicians. These emails and texts have been quickly tweeted out or published by these outlets (notably Breitbart News, Fox News, the Daily Caller, the Federalist, and the Wall Street Journal editorial page), usually spun in inflammatory ways with a minimum of skeptical or contextual reporting…

All this is part of an effort by the Trump campaign to argue that Joe Biden is corruptly tied to his son’s questionable business dealings with overseas interests. And they’ve complained that the mainstream media is trying to ignore or suppress this story.

Vox goes on to deny the veracity of the report without any proof of their own, relying primarily on the fact that the information was released to – shockingly – right-wing outlets:

These emails and texts from Hunter have deliberately been given to staunchly pro-Trump reporters and media outlets unlikely to be skeptical, to question whether they truly prove what their handlers claim, or to publicize data points that don’t fit the Trump campaign’s preferred message.

However, the information contained in the emails is available to all, and the fact that most of the other major news outlet have failed to even mentioned them might explain why it was given to “stanchly pro-Trump reporters and media outlets.” 

Ironically contained in the Vox article itself is the solution.

Actual investigative reporters would put in the time to ascertain, to the best of their ability, what actually happened here. But this is much more akin to an opposition research dump — so it’s just been put out there by conservative journalists with little context or supplementary information, to help Trump make it part of his final campaign push.

Again I ask: where are our Woodward and Bernsteins?

wgate-21OK boys, let’s roll.

Oh, right: this time they’re part of the cover-up. That’s the way we roll these days.

In The Silence Are The Answers…

“There's this old line the wise folks in Washington have that ‘it's not the crime, but the cover-up.’ But only fools believe that. It's always about the crime. The whole point of the cover-up is that a full revelation of the underlying crime is not survivable.” - Josh Marshall