Monday, November 30, 2020

Which Wolf Will You Feed: Choose Wisely

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Democ­ra­cy is like that too, with corporate media providing the wolf’s fodder

An independent press that facilitates free and fair elections and shines a spotlight on corruption has long been considered the 4th estate, an essential leg of democracy. But America’s free-to-lie-and-suppress-the-truth-media makes a mockery of the term “independent press.”  When the media has clearly and demonstrably abandoned truth in pursuit of an agenda they have advanced well beyond being Fake News and are deeply embedded in the 5th Column known as the Deep State. They serve to undermine our election as well as our duly elected President and his administration.

It is not an understatement to say that to let the results of this sham election stand - to allow the media to assist the Deep State and their multitudinous arms pull this off - is the end of democracy as we’ve known it.

Throw Me To The Wolves : ConservativeMemes

Thankfully we still have some filling the void left by corporate media: Doug Ross for one. Put him and his aggregator site BadBlue in your bookmarks. A sample, to get the week started out right:

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