Friday, December 4, 2020

Will Underdog Arrive In Time To Save The Day?

A follow up regarding yesterday’s post: from Ace of Spades, Democrats’ Constant Violation of Their Own Lockdown Orders Becomes So Obnoxious That Even CNN Is Forced to Report On It.

I honestly expected the cootie hysterics to abate after the election. Yes COVID is still here, yes the most vulnerable need to take extra precautions until such time as a safe vaccine is available. But, especially since they believe Biden won, I thought the autocratic lockdowns and illegal closures would end because the Dems wouldn’t want to continue to destroy their own states’ economies. I was clearly wrong; either they don’t actually believe Biden won (they do) or they’ve already become addicted to the power and control they’ve been able to exert. As Sarah Hoyt put it:

But hey, it’s served to kill most of the world economies, and now they get to impose all sorts of crazy, arbitrary stuff on us because “there are people in need, you monster.”

In the meantime, another week has passed, 4 now since the election, and still nothing. No “irrefutable evidence”  has emerged that is acceptable to the Media/Deep State cabal. No indictments. No seizures. Where is the Quacken of which we keep hearing?

Alas, I love a good David and Goliath fight as much as anyone.

David and Goliath - Bible Story Verses & Meaning

But for goodness sake Lord, at least give the underdog a slingshot.

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