Sunday, November 29, 2020

Best Christmas Adverts Sunday

It’s the weekend between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That means it’s time for my annual “Best Christmas Adverts” Sunday.

The last few seasons we’ve enjoyed the antics of the Heathrow Bears but they were retired last year in a move that now seems prescient as air travel has been pretty much locked down along with thousands of other everyday things thanks to the Wuhan Murder Virus. Thanks China, you godless, amoral tyrants.

In my search for a worthy candidate for this year’s tribute I’ve sadly concluded that Madison Avenue has lost its way; Americans just aren’t that good at Christmas ads anymore, possibly because the ad agencies are now pretty much run by woke, humorless Millennials. The last TV Christmas ads I can even remember were the 1970s Norelco shavers and the 90s series of Coke truck trains:

They revived the campaign in 2019 but frankly, it sucked.

So this year’s selection is from the French Bouygues Telecom company. It’s actually their 2018 ad but like all classics, it’s timeless.  Enjoy.

“Come and get your love”