Saturday, November 28, 2020

Epidemiology, Statistics: Truthiness For Our Time

Others are beginning to note what we’ve known for weeks: the Left is violating the tenets of its own religion with respect to the election results.

Mark Twain Quote: It's easier to fool someone than to convince them they've  been fooled - InfoBarrel Images

The Left worships but one god: “science.”  Of course it’s their science, defined by their truthiness, but never mind, you can believe it too - and you will be a better person for it!

In the 21st century the science of the Left has been circumscribed by the disciplines of statistics and epidemiology. With these 2 easily manipulated research tools of science the Elitists of the Left have grabbed hold of the reins of the world in order to steer us in the correct direction as they see fit.

With Big Education and Big Media key members of the elite these days we are forced to accept as “fact” their immutable statistical evidence which leads to the following conclusions:

What are the effects of fake news?

1. Anthropogenic Global Warming – which morphed seamlessly to “Climate Change” when their own data stopped supporting their warming hypothesis -  is the greatest danger to humanity since well, forever.

2. Minorities are systemically discriminated against everywhere but especially in the United States and especially when it comes to the criminal justice system.

3. Whatever stupid nutritional theory they are currently promoting. Plant based foods is a current favorite because…cow farts, or something.

4. COVID-19, the Chinese Murder Virus, is the greatest pandemic ever visited on mankind and can only be controlled by social isolation, face masks and economic shutdowns.

And you have no right to dispute their scientific, statistically demonstrated, epidemiological FACTS. Especially if you’ve done your own research and disagree with the Left’s sanctioned orthodoxy.

But now, all of a sudden, it seems that the Left has no use for statistics: their own most sacred tool of truthiness.

When it comes to producing evidence of election fraud, it seems that statistical analysis produces nothing but “meaningless” “baseless” and “groundless” accusations. Now it seems they don’t even consider statistics reliable enough to take a pause in the action to have a further look. Odd, isn’t it? 

As the American media continues to claim that no evidence for widespread voter fraud exists, many independent forensic data analysts who have analyzed data scrapes (sic) from Edison Research found quite the opposite.

Goodness, it’s as if they no longer trust their own most sacred tool. Perhaps they never did.Pin on For Fun - Wrong Vintage Advertising